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About Lorna:

Dark Marketing "Influencer" is used too lightly in marketing these days. Many influencers aren't influencers, they're just amplifying a node on the Light Grid. What we are creating are nothing less than Progenitors of New Thought, fame in your field, and untold numbers of loyal "cult-like" followers, in collapsed time, which is standard, and the way I do everything 😉 Except they're not cult followers. They are the masses of people deeply impacted and transformed by your message, that you always knew you were meant to lead. Dreamed of leading. And how do you reach them remotely and transform them so powerfully? We teach you the Art of Metalanguage, or language that is "self aware" and alive, of course. Yes. Dark Influencers are the ones who carry the living consciousness and therefore of course their words are also living. AND ...our words carry a dark code that explodes the person’s consciousness when it is let in, (you know you're in the Dark Influencer frequency when you literally CAN'T use the word that was used by another. Because for you, the word is "dead".) AND is the way to Visibility in collapsed time, just like Intuitive Marketing gets you instant sales. And even sexier... Everywhere has dark codes and dark dna. Influencer marketing speaks to and wakes up THAT in THEM. It's the dark codes recognizing each other. This is why I’ve been able to use incredibly “esoteric” dark language with my clients and they totally get it and are starting to move through their shadow at a rapid pace — collapsing weeks of extreme shadow work is done in a few hours. It’s been nothing short of absolutely incredible to witness. And this is also why Dark Marketers have to be willing to “make no sense “ which for The Magician is HELL, because his gift is ALL ABOUT MAKING sense...of illusion. AND the lineage of the Saboteur - the shadow archetype of the Magician - is the dark mind, the poet. The one who speaks truth through nonsense. (It can feel extremely liberating to play by these new rules of the dark, because my people have Superpowered brains. Totally run by their saboteur. So the way to liberate the grip of the Saboteur is to speak dark language to it. Like an anti exorcism, the words release the beast of genius.) In the dark, the light archetypes have to give up their gift if they are going to step into their genius. And THAT is the business that we are referring to here. Become a personality, with your own field of orbit, and gravitational pull. Irresistible and indestructible. What you REQUIRE, is the biggest sales, marketing and creativity hack in existence. The Art of Dark Marketing. The channeling of your genius, and your true legacy work. Not simply just raw, edgy, and disruptive, this extremely “light footed” method of creation is the outcome of a greater advancement in “spiritual technology” - the rise of Darkwork and Spiritual Disruption - and IS the NEW WAY (reflected collectively in the advancement of consciousness of the entire planet at large.). What I teach is the ultimate update for your business because it adheres to and is powered by none other than spiritual law and the law of Energy. Yes. Become a Master of Energy Alchemy, and your business doesn’t make quantum leaps. It lifts into Quantum flight.