I’m one of the highest paid Success Coaches and Spiritual Teachers in the world.

I reached this level, as well as crossing the million dollar mark in sales, in just ten months, in an overcrowded market and an industry where I’d had no prior experience.

This is because I know a secret very few do (except my clients): The potent power, massive financial magic and explosive business growth that happens when you combine sales and spirituality, metaphysics and marketing.

My clients are worldchangers, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and visionary CEOs who have delivered keynotes to thousands, launched companies with elite business leaders, shared the stage with Marianne Williamson, authored bestsellers, and been personally mentored by John Maxwell.

Yet their business success was a fraction of what it could be.

With me they 10x’d their revenue in weeks while reducing their working hours, all through using my revolutionary blend of energetic mastery and bleeding-edge sales, marketing and business growth techniques.

Through my advanced psychic and brass tacks business skills, I summon their business genius into existence and transform their companies and brands into thought leader influencers and giants in their field no matter how unknown, new, or invisible they were before.

In fact this is one of my SuperPowers.

I’m known for creating category killers.

Helping Davids win against Goliaths in the market. I did it in corporate America, where I built and ran multimillion dollar companies, and helped a $15MM firm regularly win against its $40B competitors and a $3MM company beat out a $3B one (when before this, they couldn’t close a deal to save their life).

And I’ve helped fledgling coaches cut through the din of an overcrowded market and go from selling $5,000 to $50,000 packages in a matter of weeks.

When you know how to capture attention, close deals, and change—not play—the game, world domination is yours.

I’m also neurodivergent, which is a fancy way of saying that I am…


have PTSD

have been diagnosed with severe mood and anxiety disorder

and have two forms of ADD.

My story is one of riches to rags to riches and is coming soon to a Barnes and Noble near you.

But suffice it to say that I was a hot shot corporate exec who built and ran companies, sold millions, broke records, and turned around businesses and sales teams with aplomb.

Then I lost it all. $250K in savings. My home. My job. My job again. And then my job one last time. My marriage. And then my sanity. And with that, my reputation.

I was a 43-year-old jobless single mom hustling as a laundry delivery driver making $14/hr.

And then I was a 43-year-old jobless single mom living with her parents to get her life back together.

And then I was a 43-year-old jobless single mom who was having a nervous breakdown and suffering from suicidal depression and who had just been diagnosed with that delightful cocktail of weird wiring I bulleted above.

And then in a matter of weeks, I took myself from that state—what I refer to in a nutshell as being broke, bipolar and suicidal—to spiritual millionaire in ten months.

Without medication or therapy,

working part time,

with no fancy systems, automated anything, or paid marketing,

no visibility in the field,

no prior experience in the online coaching world,

breaking every rule for how it “had” to be done,

and only evidence of abject failure behind me,

The secret to my success was what I now use with all my clients: a potent potion of advanced manifestation, energy and consciousness mastery that eliminates anxiety, shadow and triggers and unlocks what I call the Gold Mind, which is capable of harnessing the root-level energies of the universe to unleash true genius and bend reality to our will.

Oh, and ground-breaking techniques for mastering sales, marketing and branding.

The results are miraculous (see my Success Stories for evidence).

Most of my clients are also neurodivergent, highly spiritually gifted  and have worked with the “best of the best”—brand name coaches and consultants far more known than I am. They seek me out to finally unleash their iconoclastic, revolutionary, global business empire.

Sales with me becomes a lifestyle. A full body and mind experience. A spiritual experience.

As it should be.

Because everyone has an Entrepreneurial Spirit meant to change consciousness on the planet and everyone is a sales genius. 

In between stints leading the vanguard of the disruption and revolution of consciousness and running my witchy businesses from a luxury condo in a suburb of Chicago, I hang out with my two dogs, Lady and Luna, and my awesome daughter, who remembers when she had to share a bed with mom just a few years back.

That’s it. That’s me.

Regular human on the outside.

One hundred percent witch where it matters.