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If you’re interested in my high-end mentorship, your answers will help us have the most effective interview possible so I can determine if my style and results are a match for you. If you’re interested in my other products and (de)programs, your answers will help my team curate the best solution for you. So, depending on your answers, you and I may be talking soon. And if we don’t talk, you’re in very good hands with my UnTribe.

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Lorna J

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Alejandra Crisafulli
You’re the only seven-figure coach I’d recommend.
— Alejandra Crisafulli (Award-winning Master Coach who's worked with 1500 clients and trained with two industry-leading, 7-figure coaches but was never able to break her six-figure ceiling of $109,000 for 7 years. She's now done $300,000 in four months and taken her weekly hours from 40 to 17.)
Melissa West.png
— Melissa West (former John Maxwell Team Founding Member and now transformational coach who collapsed her 2017 revenue into 5 weeks and sold $64,655 in one month, while reducing her hours from 41 to 33 a week.)
Amanda C..png
What you do is magical.
— Amanda Cromer (former fashion industry and publishing executive who struggled for years in her coaching business and went from sporadic months and severe mental stress to $70,000 after four sessions, $200,000 in four months, a $130,000 day and complete mental and emotional relief.)
Annie Sun (1).png
All I needed was one little tweak!
— Annie Sun (who went from $1,000 months hustling full time to $80,000 in five months, working part time.)
Colleen Morgan
I have no words. Forever changed is an understatement. Lorna, I love you! Thank fucking GOD you rose to your calling.
— Colleen Morgan (Colleen Morgan (highly sought after Energy Master who struggled to sell $300 packages for years and went on to easily sell $35,00 in business in three weeks)
I’m worried I’m now TOO GOOD at sales and will end up with TOO MUCH business!”
— Shaney Marie Lioness (stripper turned conscious sexuality coach—Sex Witch as she likes to call it—and who went from hating sales to loving it and booking $8,000 in two days and closing four out of five calls after just one session.)
April Gregory.png
— April Gregory (high-end marketing consultant who went from discounting and caving to objections to selling $16,00 in two weeks and 10 minutes with me.)
Lorna, I thank God/Universe/Spiritual EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY I FOUND YOU. The absolute BEST decision of my life.
— Carly Cloer (business coach averaging a few thousand dollars a month who sold $22,500 in 90 days.)
This is the new me!
— Kelly Lunt (an intuitive coach who used to shake on sales calls trying to sell $300 packages and went on to do $67,000 in five months and sell $6,000, full-pay packages with ease.)