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Date of Session
How long have you been this way? What are all the things you’ve tried to get unstuck or un-bored? What has the outcome been?
Pretend your business is a person. Someone you’re in relationship with (because you ARE ;) ). Tell me about the condition of your relationship with your business. How do you feel about your business? What words come to mind?
Tell me your understanding of who you are here to serve, what they most need and why you are the only one to provide it to them. If you don’t know, that’s great. ;) If you do know, that’s also great. If you think you know but you don’t actually want to serve that market before, that’s also great ;) just tell me about you and your people.
What annoys the FUCK out of you about what you’re offering now? Does it bore you? Has it lost its luster and now you’re just going through the motions? Will the first solid, clear, executable version of your product or service just NOT make itself known to you, so you’re constantly spinning your wheels starting and stopping and getting nowhere? Do you love what you’re selling but it’s starting to get old, and you know there’s something new around the corner you’re supposed to be gearing up for and you want to know what it is so you can smoothly transition from this expression of your business to the larger one without a huge gap/dip in income, excitement and momentum? Do you love what you’re selling but you’re annoyed that everyone ELSE is ALSO selling the same thing which means you can’t get your voice heard above the din? Or something else entirely?
Do you love it, hate it, not understand how to do it? Do you feel like you’re not getting HEARD by your people and you have no idea why, because you’re doing “all the right things”? Do you feel like you don’t have the right words but you don’t know what the right words are?
Do you feel relaxed, confident and powerful in sales situations? When you present your product or service and have to talk to someone about it in a sales situation, are you calm, clear and solid in how KICKASS it is, how different from anything else, what exact problems it solves and pleasure it brings and who exactly it’s meant for? Or do you feel anxious, constrained, annoyed, tongue-tied, nervous, confused and weak? Are you totally on board with how much it costs, or do you feel like you’re charging too little, or too much?
What drives you to do this work in the world? Are you in it to save people, prove something, discover who you are, validate who you are, put your stamp on the world, or because you can’t make it anywhere else so it has to be this or nothing? Or all of the above? What lies beneath the surface of busy-work as the true and honest reasons you’re in this business?