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Lorna’s genius has the accuracy of an atomic clock! If you’re on the fence about doing a Business Summoning Session with Lorna, don’t try to find a way, make one.
— Dawn Lee
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$10,000 in Sales, Increasing Close Rate from 10% to 80%, and Collapsing Two Months of Revenue In Three Days

Business Summoning Session | Eunjin and Joe, Hope Brain and Body Recovery Center 

Eunjin and Joe, own a brain recovery clinic and in the three days following, they leaped from a 10% close rate to an 80% close rate, closed the next four out of five deals and did $10,000 in sales.

They then went on to hire me to bring their business to a million this year. We set a goal of $21,000 for the month (a 5x increase, which is already “aggressive” to people who aren’t used to extreme acceleration and magic ), and they did $26,200 in sales and $24,100 in cash in the FIRST TWO WEEKS.

$2,000 and Tripled Rates in just four days

Business Summoning Session | Stephania Sciamano

Stephania came to our Business Summoning Session feeling stuck and frustrated about her business, confused about her niche, her genius, her services, her marketing, what makes her different from everyone else and essentially annoyed, angry and paralyzed. 

Here’s what happened in the four days that followed the session, in her words: 

“So, my Business Summoning Session happened on Thursday and so far:

  • Raised my rate to $500 for single (hour long) sessions 

  • Sold 3 sessions since Friday [This increased to 4 sessions soon after she posted this.]

  • Including to a woman who said she had no money

  • Feel like I'm finally owning my genius and letting it flow through me 

  • Maybe even feeling a bit arrogant. ”

Precision Clarity on her niche in one hour after years of struggle and thousands of dollars

Business Summoning Session | Dawn Lee 

After three years and thousands of dollars struggling to understand her genius, her niche, and her marketing message, Dawn Lee hired Lorna J. to do a Business Summoning Session with her ($2,000 for one hour). She went in to the session feeling bored, frustrated, and confused.

“It’s been a torture for me the last couple of years not having had the clarity I needed until I did Lorna’s Business Summoning session,” Dawn said. 

An hour later, she had gained laser-like clarity on the uber-specific niche she serves, all their specific characteristics, traits and exact problems, how to speak specifically to them and why she is the only one who can help them make the changes they desperately want to make. These sessions are always a wild and wacky ride, and this one was no different. Dawn emerged triumphant from the session blown away by the accuracy of the reading, and bursting with inspiration and BRILLIANT marketing posts. (It takes a lot for me to say someone’s marketing is brilliant. This was next level. And this is also why I don’t teach marketing. Because when you unlock your specific genius, IT does all your brilliant marketing for you, with ease).

Immediately after the session, Dawn joined both of Lorna’s programs, Masters of Magic, Lorna J.’s online community that is part mystery school, part business accelerator, as well as Sales Masters, Lorna’s sales mastermind. In one of these groups, Dawn wrote, “Lorna I just watched the replay of my business summoning session and I'm even more blown away than I was in the session. Three fucking years I've been spinning my wheels wondering who the hell my ideal client is. Searching like a parent in a supermarket who lost their kid. Analyzing the shit out of every shred of data, twisting myself in knots, trying to figure it out. Sucked in, spending $$$$ on shiny mouthpieces who talked the talk and couldn't deliver. And in one hour you delivered the most exquisite concoction of potent ‘seeing’ that has literally parted the ocean and given me the most immense clarity and peace, I've had in my business. I can't wait to let the fun begin! Next level unlocked, and it’s game on,” Dawn continued. “[The Business Summoning Session is] a total game changer. Lorna’s genius has the accuracy of an atomic clock! If you're on the fence about doing a business summoning session with Lorna don’t try to find a way, make one.“

10 Years of Eczema  Cleared in One Hour

Business Summoning Session | Jennica Collado

“My eczema has healed after we had our call. 10 years of torturous inflammation... GONE. Seriously.”

“I'm left speechless. So grateful I came across one of your posts on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. You changed my life.”

This is not a typical result from a Business Summoning Session, but I’m including it because it demonstrates the power of the energy I run during these sessions and the radical ways in which it shifts clients at a cellular level.


What makes you different than any other psychic...

And I’ve never seen this in anyone’s fucking field before....

You are not reading these thing in their field and predicting the possibilities....

like most other psychics.

YOU ARE SUMMONING THESE FUCKING THINGS their new business direction, clients, and success] INTO THEIR WORLD.”
— Colleen Morgan

additional Results

“I just talked to the Mary Poppins of Parenting. Just an hour ago she had no clue what she was supposed to do. Yep. Just channeled an entire business. Her purpose. Tagline. ULTRA specific niche. EXACTLY why they’ll buy from her and no one else. AND the secret way she solves their problem when no one else could.”

“Seems like all I have to do is expose someone to an OUNCE of a Business Summoning Session and they get results. I got on a call with a client, told her we needed to reschedule to the next day, and a few hours later she got her very first paid client after four months of nothing.”

If you want your highest business potential to come into your field now in the easiest way possible, that’s what I do. I summon it into existence by planting codes of genius into the field of ultimate potential - the field of Dark Energy - and then placing them onto the Light Grid, where they ring and resonate your next level business, and summon it into your life.

In brass tacks terms, I channel your Business Consciousness so you can communicate directly with it and receive the exact, precise and specific answers you require so you know exactly who you help, exactly how, why they need you, why they will buy from you and no one else, and will often channel your tag line, specifically coded words meant for your market

60 minutes.