This is the real deal, baby. The place where shit goes down. Where you go in one way and come out through a spiritual and energetic and business time portal into a totally new way. Business multiplied. Sales through the roof. Happiness factor exponentified.

Legacy lived. Genius birthed. Creative spirit unleashed. You know, the little stuff in life.

But, first things first. Just like any hero embarking on the journey of a lifetime, there’s a few trials to pass along the way before the treasure you seek makes itself known to you.

Trial One: The application. Be real. Be raw. Be honest. Be you.

Trial Two: Interview with me. These are ground breaking. You will likely cry. Many have said their lives were changed forever in this conversation. I’m looking for super-genius. I’m looking for hard core over-achievers. I’m looking for someone absolutely ready to put down a five-figure investment and then turn around and make 5-10x on that in a matter of weeks.

Begin the journey below.

See you on the inside.