Psychic Business Intelligence Readings

Here’s what will happen. In 60 minutes we will collapse six months of consulting and energetic transmissions into one hour.

What’s your yearly revenue goal?

You can do that in three months if you apply what comes out of this reading.

If you’re not interested in collapsing time and just want to know what’s in the way of getting to your next level, great. We will do that, regardless. (And I’ll likely also tell you how you can collapse time, so you have options.)

These sessions are $2,000. If you know you’re in, you can pay here. Afterwards, I will send you a deep-dive form that will open your Business Consciousness to me so we can start communicating. Then we’ll schedule a time to talk, the three of us.

Here’s what I will do

  • Speak directly to your Business Consciousness and deliver the exact instructions and clarity you need in order to get unstuck and uplevel (whether that means your very first level or your fifteenth).

    Your Business Consciousness knows exactly what you’re doing and not doing that’s causing the disconnect and blockage and that is what you will be hearing from me. Stop guessing and asking other people, no matter how expert they are. Ask your BUSINESS. It’s the only one you should be asking for direction. And if you can’t talk directly to it, have me be the mediator.

    This is not my opinion or based on my expertise (though I have lots of both ;) ). This information is coming from your own business spirit, which holds your genius, the blueprint of your success, and has a very specific form it needs to take in the world.

    It’s highly likely that the things you’ve picked to focus on and do are not in alignment with your genius and with the direction your BUSINESS is meant to be taken. And that’s why you’re struggling and miserable. Because your business is a living consciousness, and it will either collaborate with you in your success—if you are doing things its way—or it will remove its energy and make thing a hundred times more difficult. So fix it, once and for all, so you can get on with the business you’re meant to run. Which is supposed to be EASY, not a crazy freaking struggle every single day.

  • Design/Redesign and possibly completely overhaul your very tangible business elements.

    This means things like your offer or product mix, price point, market, messaging and marketing, brand, understanding of who your true client/customer is and why they buy, what their pain is, why they need YOU and not someone else, etc. It’s highly likely that your business and you are not in alignment about what you’re actually supposed to be doing. We will fix that in this hour and very likely be designing/redesigning a bespoke business model that reflects the true blueprint of your business, not what the market or other coaches or your peers are doing. Stop looking outside yourself for the answers (I know I said this already. It bears saying again.) and coming up with cookie cutter concepts for how to run your business. That really freaking annoys the hell out of your business, which has a very high self-esteem and knows it is a one of a kind badass motherfucker.

  • DELIVER the exact words and phrases you need to use in your sales and marketing to cut through the noise, speak directly to your ideal clients, cause them to see you as the only solution to their problem and come running to you pre-sold and ready to buy.

    I guarantee you are not doing this now. In my 20 years of marketing, sales, multimillion dollar business building and turning around struggling companies, I have never met a business owner who is already doing this right.

  • Identify hidden revenue streams and opportunities that can be tapped now and are ready and waiting to deliver exponential income to your doorstep.

    This one’s pretty self-explanatory. ‘Nuff said.

  • If you are a member of a Leadership Team, I will deliver the exact message meant for each team member so you can all get on the same page immediately and stop infighting, confusion, frustration and slow growth.

    Again, pretty self-explanatory.

  • Most likely I will also deliver the next 1-3 levels in your business, in terms of what you’ll be offering, who you’ll be working with and how to bring it to six and seven figures.

    And the next one is KEY to this being one of the most important hours you can possibly spend with your business…


  • I will be transmitting pure, potent energy directly to your center of will and power and activating your willingness to change.

    Information is critical. Clarity is key. And THE WILLINGNESS TO EXECUTE on the clarity makes all the difference.

    This is high-octane transmission. One client developed a fever of 102 and had it for several days after our session. Another client felt more raw than she can remember feeling and couldn’t stop crying afterwards.

    I didn’t say this was gonna be 100% peaches and cream. Your genius spirit has a very high, fast and demanding frequency and it wants you to get up to speed with it NOW. You can choose not to. It’s totally up to you. And your business can also choose how much it lends its powerful energy to your work in the world. The more your business lends it energy, the more inspired, genius and in flow you will be and the more dream clients and epic opportunities will just drop into your lap. Because your business is directly connected to the Synchronistic Grid and runs on the same frequency. Connect to your Business Consciousness, listen to it, obey it to a T and you also connect to and activate the Synchronistic Grid.

    Let’s speak directly to the living consciousness of your business and download all the answers you’ve been looking for. Together we will craft the visionary mission and revolutionary business that’s blueprinted to make and impact millions.

Questions? I have answers.

What If I don’t know what business to be doing and am feeling lost and spinning?

Everyone has an Entrepreneurial Spirit that is mean to express their genius and calling in the world through the vehicle of a business. So as long as you have a pulse and are breathing, I can read the Spirit of your Business and tell you what you’re supposed to be doing.

Who is this for?

Anyone from zero clients or customers and no idea what you should be doing to businesses in the hundreds of millions and billions. Entrepreneurial Spirits are all the same. I speak Business Consciousness. If you are a human, you have one. And I can read it for you.

That’s it. This really should be a no-brainer. So stop asking questions and start getting answers. From your business.

See you on the inside. Prepare to go deep, hard and fast. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Lorna J