Learn masterful marketing with the best in the business in an innovative, ground-breaking and intimate DeProgram.

I’m Lorna Johnson, a transformational coach and the best marketer in the business. In one year I built a seven figure company and in less than two, shot to the top in visibility, influence and authority and have become known as a spiritual leader who’s changing the face of spirituality, coaching and personal transformation. I did this using my native marketing skills. I write all my own posts (7-8 a month, when I’m in “inspired mode”) and have never paid for an ad, used an automated funnel or email campaign or even an automated schedule of my own marketing posts. (I’ve never even boosted an ad.)

My clients ask me all the time how I do this.

How do I craft the kind of marketing that stops people in their tracks? The kind people look forward to reading? The kind that regularly causes complete strangers to sign a five figure package for the opportunity to work with me, within 48 hours of reading one of my posts? (And the kind that get over 300 comments in a group of 30,000 where it’s VERY easy to get lost in the crowd! Really. This actually happened. With ONE post, I singlehandedly ignited the group to the degree that the group leader reached out to me privately nand thanked me for resurrecting her group from the dead.)

It’s because I’ve mastered INFLUENCER MARKETING. This is marketing that catapults you straight to the top in people’s minds, seizes their imagination, quickens their heartbeat and even brings tears to their eyes (no joke. This really happens.) and causes them to instantly see you as the leader and mentor they’ve been looking for. (And no, you do NOT need to “nurture” your market forever before this happens. Do you think someone needed to hear Martin Luther King speak MULTIPLE times before they were like, “Yep. This is the guy. I’m following him.” Nope. I’m thinking one speech probably did it.)

YOU have the same ability to capture the hearts and minds of YOUR people, and you don’t need to be a master orator like MLK.

You just have to find your natural voice, cadence, rhythm, IMPACT message and clear intention for writing your marketing piece in the first place (this is actually the hardest part), because YOUR people are blueprinted to respond to YOUR energy more powerfully than anyone else’s.

But you have to be IN your full energy first.

That’s the energetics of marketing, which I cover in DETAIL in my flagship DeProgram, UnSchooled. (Think of it like Harvard Business School meets Hogwart’s. It’s the most brilliant, unusual, powerful and life-changing way of launching, re-launching or exploding your spiritual business YOUR way — no cookie cutter crap, funnels or frustrating-as-fuck systems. Just you, your genius, your intuition and your spiritual and psychic gifts. To find out more about that, you can go here.)

When you master INFLUENCER MARKETING, you instantly rise to the top and cause others to perceive you as an authority, a leader and a spiritual trendsetter. And, of course, when this happens, leads are guaranteed. Prospects rush to you right and left. (And then you just have to know how to close them ;) This is something I’m also a genius at teaching. I can teach anyone how to become a sales rockstar. Seriously. ANYONE. So if you need sales help also, I suggest you combine this DeProgram with my Sales Masters Mastermind and put yourself out of your sales and marketing misery forever.)

So, come go on the journey with me. Watch “over my shoulder” as I turn the raw material of my ideas into marketing filled with magic, take you inside my mind and explain why I’m making the edits and revisions I am.

This is not a lecture or a program. This is an intimate, real-time, behind-the-scenes experience. Think of it as grabbing a seat in my Mad Scientist laboratory as you watch the magic unfold right before your eyes.

How. Fucking cool. Is that.


  • Access to my private Google Marketing Folder of in-process posts. Check on the documents whenever you want, observe the progression of edits and changes I’m making and watch as the post unfolds in front of your eyes. (And of course, have a front row seat to the newest downloads that are coming through!) I’ll also keep the raw version as well, so even when I’m finished, you’ll always be able to go back and compare and contrast the two to see how I crafted my raw idea into a powerful piece of genius marketing.

  • A private Facebook group where I’ll be available to answer your questions on why I made the choices I made and how you can apply them to improving your own marketing.

  • Periodic, real-time livestreams of me working on my marketing post and explaining my thought process as I go. I’ll also be taking questions in the chat section so you can further understand what I’m doing.

  • Cost: $200/month


all of the above, plus…

  • A 2-hour call (or less, depending on the number of people on the call) at the end of the month, where you can ask me questions directly about my marketing process. Invaluable!!

  • Cost: $350/month

AND, in addition you will receive two insane bonuses. And they are…..

Bonus #2: Access to The Vault, over 17 hours of highly activating, channeled material on the energetics of sales and marketing and how I and my clients collapse time and leap to six figure months. [$500 value]

Bonus #3: My groundbreaking 5-day virtual retreat and audio series that will unfold your mind from its constricted state and teach you how to harness your higher mind and field [$500 value]

VIP Call Info:
December 20
January 30
February 27

So happy to have you! I am SO STOKED about this program and about your meteoric success.

See you on the inside.