Masters of magic

Welcome to the home of the Magic Man and the missing link to manifestation, where I teach you how to create magic on demand using the magical masculine energy of the universe and expose all the holes in how LOA is taught (and there are several). If it's a law, it should work like one: predictably and consistently.

The heart of this group will be how to manifest powerfully and predictably, and the focus will be on teaching you how to work with the Magical Masculine energy. You can learn all you want about the feminine energy, but it will leave you frustrated, confused and with only periodic success if you don't know what inspires the Magic Man, which is the energy that provides those desires. If you don't know how he works, you'll be frustrated as fuck, like so many spiritual seekers who know LOA like the back of their hand and still can't predictably and consistently manifest.

Once you learn about the Magic Man, all that will change. In order to work with the magical masculine, there are a lot of other components you must master. I will cover all of them here. Here are just a smattering of topics I will cover:

▵ The energetics of consciousness, spirituality and the journey of awakening.

▵ Activating and balancing the masculine and feminine energies to create a consistent flow of magic everywhere in your life.

▵ Shadow Alchemy (the next step in shadow management and the highest level of attractiveness to the Magic Man, which brings your genius in).

▵ The Genius Frequency, how to step into it and bring genius in through your business.

▵ The Entrepreneurial Spirit (one of the domains of the Magic Man), how to activate and work with it to create *business* magic.

▵ Business Consciousness - how to speak to your Entrepreneurial Spirit, get into the frequency of your genius and be irresistibly attractive to your Magic Man and much more.

This is now officially the hottest AND coolest place on the planet. I'm so excited to usher you into a truly MAGICAL world.

XO Lorna J