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Lorna J. is one of the highest paid Success Coaches and Spiritual Teachers in the world and reached that level, as well as crossing the million dollar mark in sales, in just ten months, in an overcrowded market and an industry where she’d had no prior experience.This is because she knows a secret very few do (except her clients): The potent power, massive financial magic and explosive business growth that happens when you combine sales and spirituality, metaphysics and marketing.

Her clients are worldchangers, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and visionary CEOs who have delivered keynotes to thousands, launched companies with elite business leaders, shared the stage with Marianne Williamson, authored bestsellers, and even been personally mentored by John Maxwell.

And yet their business success was a fraction of what it could be. With Lorna J, they 10x’d their revenue in weeks while reducing their working hours, all through using her revolutionary blend of energetic mastery and bleeding-edge sales, marketing and business growth techniques.

Through her advanced energetic and spiritual technologies, Lorna J summons business genius into existence and transforms companies and brands into thought leader influencers and giants in their field.

Lorna J. is also neurodivergent, having been diagnosed with four mental illnesses, and took herself from broke, bipolar and suicidal to spiritual millionaire in ten months, without medication or therapy. Most of her clients are also neurodivergent, highly spiritually gifted  and seek her out for advanced mentoring in manifestation, consciousness mastery and building and growing an iconoclastic, revolutionary, global business empire from their prodigious gifts.

When Lorna J. is not leading the disruption and revolution of consciousness and running her witchy businesses from her luxury condo in Chicago, she’s writing books, weight lifting, and hanging out with her amazing daughter and their two dogs, Lady and Luna. Online, she works her magic in the alchemist’s den at She has also been published in Thrive Global, had a top-ranked article in Elephant Journal and appeared on the renowned business podcast, Sharkpreneur, talking manifestation magic with Seth Greene. Regular human on the outside. One hundred percent witch where it matters.


Magic Man Lorna J.

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For media inquiries please fill out the form below or contact Lorna J’s publicist:

Brenda Gabriel at +44 203 488 1925 or email at

Lorna J. is available to speak on the following topics:

  • Neurodivergence, The Genius Frequency, and The New Root to Thriving in Business and Life

  • Going Sane: Mental Illness as the Source of Spiritual Awakening

  • The Magical Masculine: Discover The Missing Link to Law of Attraction and Master Manifesting on Demand

  • Your Creativity is Your Divinity: The Energetics of True Genius

  • The Energetics of Sales and Marketing: How to Scale Instantly and Create Quantum Leaps in Your Business


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