After just ten weeks, we’ve generated almost $75,000 in business.

April Gregory, a high-end marketing consultant, went from discounting her programs and caving to objections to selling $16,000 in one week, after a 5-minute session.

Kairi Kirke Luhaäär sold $10,000 in her first month.

After 2 weeks in Sales Masters, Tia Harrison Holmes booked $11,000 and banked $7500 cash through clients.

Crystal Irom scheduled 10 discovery calls in 2 days after joining Sales Masters and about a week later, she signed a 1-on-1 client. Results: $12,000 booked $5,500 cash.

Lisa Erickson generated $7,300 in new income within 3 days of a 5 minute coaching session with me.

Within 24 hours of doubling her package after being coached by me, Maxine Clancy made a sale at the new rate of £1,000.

Since signing up for Sales Masters on November 18th (1 month ago), Carla Samson sold a total of $9,285, with $5,057 cash collected.

Fionnuala Wall grew up in a home where money was shamed and never celebrated, so she felt it hard to attract money into her life. Since she started and Sales Masters, she quit her job and got a full pay $5,000 client. The last time she had a $5,000 sale was October of 2017.

Speechless after the first call...You saw me so clearly and hit the nail on the head. That’s it. I’m actually speechless. just. get. in. already.
— Roisin Brady
The energy is moving so fast already. I just got a PM from a very successful very big coach asking about my relationship coaching.
— Crystal Irom, after first coaching session

If you’ve been longing to work with me but aren’t a match for one of my higher-end programs, now you can.


  • Dedicated 10 minutes of 1:1 laser coaching with me three weeks a month for as long as you like. My clients tell me that five minutes with me is like three months with another coach. And, my hour-long sessions in my $30K 1:1 package are worth $3,333, so…..15 minutes for $1000/month plus super incredible support in between sessions in the private Facebook Group? Kinda insanely valuably awesome.

We’ll cover whatever you want, whether that’s:

>> My ability to shift your consciousness dramatically so that you’re available for a much higher Energetic Mind and frequency to stream through you, which is the source of your genius, most inspired business ideas, magnetism and overall badassness.

>> My eyes on the nature of your genius and spiritual gift and my ability to channel the consciousness of your market so you can finally have clarity on what it is you do and how your market needs to hear from/feel/see you in order to be able to recognize you as the fearless leader they’ve been longing for and come running to you with their credit cards waving.

(Really. That’s not a joke. I just had a client go from zero business to closing a $5K full pay — for FOUR sessions only! — with someone who hunted her down at an event that had nothing to do with business or coaching because the woman said she felt physically pulled to my client and knew she had to work with her…even though she had no idea what my client did. THAT is the power of tapping in to your genius and your higher Energetic Mind).

>> My supreme sales mastery coaching. I’ve sold $20MM in business in corporate America and brought newbie “sales makes me puke” coaches from $1500 months to $50,000 months and from $7,000 months to $100,000 months in 90 days or less. If you have a pulse, I can help you crush sales (as in, develop a major CRUSH on sales and fall in love with it).

>> My guidance on how to design and sell your first (or second or third) package and how to speak directly to your target market

>> Ground-breaking, leading-edge mentoring on how to become bulletproof to objections, skyrocket your close rate and master the intuitive, energetic and brass tacks skills of becoming a total sales and marketing master.

>> Innovative concepts for how to activate quantum leaps in your business by mastering your masculine and feminine energies for optimal, sustained, easy and accelerated success.

>> and a host of other areas of expertise I’ve got.

  • Ability to stay on the group mastermind calls for as long as you like and get “side coached” by me as I help others through similar challenges to yours.

  • A private Facebook group where I will be highly active and available to support you in your sales and business-building journey in between calls

AND, in addition you will receive three insane bonuses. And they are…..

Bonus #1: Bonus: The famous Magic Man Tool! This is the missing link to Law of Attraction. When I did this as a livestream, it got 3,500 views and the instant results and over-the-top reaction blew me away. One woman eliminated $110,000 of debt in ONE DAY using this tool. And that’s just one of many astounding results of overnight money and love success. [value $500]

Bonus #2: Access to The Vault, over 17 hours of highly activating, channeled material on the energetics of sales and marketing and how I and my clients collapse time and leap to six figure months. [$500 value]

Bonus #3: My groundbreaking 5-day virtual retreat and audio series that will unfold your mind from its constricted state and teach you how to harness your higher mind and field [$500 value]

Call Info:
Group 1 call will be Tuesdays at 11amCST. I will provide 5 minutes of coaching per person until each one has gone. Then the call will be over. Group 2 will be Thursday’s at 11am CST. You’re welcome to listen in on as many as you like. All the calls and zoom links will be announced in the pinned post in the Facebook Group. But here they are as well:

Group 1 Call Dates:
January 8, 15, 22

February 5, 12, 19

March 5, 12, 19

April 2, 9, 16

May 7, 14, 21

*New dates will be announced in May for the next three months.

Group 2 Call Dates:

January 10, 17, 24

February 7, 14, 21

March 7, 14, 21

April 4, 11, 18

May 9, 16, 23

*New dates will be announced in May for the next three months.

I expect that when you sign up to be a member of Sales Masters you will commit to a minimum of 3 months. This is because I look for committed, high-achievers. And because next-level change needs that amount of time to truly integrate and lock in to your consciousness.

So happy to have you! I am SO STOKED about this program and about your meteoric success.

See you on the inside.