The Seer

Consider this an online "knock" at the door of the Seer's palace (we've upgraded from the huts of the days of old) deep in the forest of consciousness, where all the answers lie, waiting in the Dark.

The Seer does not answer every knock. She listens for the ones with urgency, deep desire, and a willingness to walk through fire for the answer. So with that, let's begin.

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How much are you willing to invest to know the answers, and to be able to apply them everywhere in your life, without fail? *

That's it. Next step is for me to read through your answers and determine whether we'll be speaking or not. And if I determine we aren't a fit, I'll let you know and will suggest something I think is the best match for where you are on your journey.

We'll be in touch soon.

Lorna J


A deep bow of gratitude to Lorna Johnson, who has such incredible courage and commitment to de-construct, de-clutter and disrupt all the old patterns that don’t serve any of us. You are a beacon of light and hope for me, my sisters and for the world, Lorna.

If you’re looking for the most empowered feminine coach on the planet, the one who has the capacity to shoot you out of your stuck rocket launch, into the space of full and complete liberation from all that binds you, she’s your master!

Be prepared to make the greatest commitment and investment you ever considered. Working with Lorna Johnson will be nothing short of a full-scale cleansing of all the dust and webs that have boxed in your soul.

If you’re ready, you’ll know that the price she charges is a pennies in the bucket from the ROI you’ll receive—on all levels.

Not for the meek or those seeking incremental change. Lorna Johnson is EXCLUSIVELY about what she calls The Quantum Boom!
— Miriam Schuman