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I mentor entrepreneurs and world-changers to quantum business growth.

What follows are typical examples of success.



What happened to me after working with Lorna Johnson: an honest & detailed Testimonial.

First of all, I want to note that no one asked me to do this. I’m doing it for no reason other than I feel called to - and it’s a really interesting and unique story. One, that I hope inspires some of you reading. Especially those of you who AREN'T COACHES. Maybe you have no idea who you really are, or what you really do.

I followed Lorna in Masters of Energy Alchemy from July 2018 but thought she was crazy and I put her in the “too intense” basket.

But I kept observing, silently from the sidelines as my life fell to absolute rubble.

In March of 2019 I was at my absolute lowest point since leaving my full time job and starting my business as an online “Coach”. (Aug 2018)

The truth is that when I launched, I did really well. I had a huge launch and a handful of clients. A lot of those clients had amazing transformation and I was making some pretty decent bank. Then after 2-3 months in, I lost EVERYTHING. My money, my clients, my sanity & all of my confidence and abilities. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I had more credit card debt than I’ve ever had in my entire life. I think it was about $32k in debt. With no fucking clue how I was going to pay for my mortgage, or my credit cards, or put food in my mouth basically. I had no husband/partner/boyfriend to float me. I moved in with my mum who gave me a “deadline” and said by this date, you’re out and you can’t stay with me anymore. She didn’t give me money but she gave me a room. For several months I hated myself. I was the most pathetic version of myself. For those few months I had several breakdowns and outbursts where I lashed out and cried, thinking about where and how it “all went wrong” and how I ended up with “nothing”. The worst part is that I couldn’t even get a job. I couldn’t get my old job back (even though I left on great terms) they read something I wrote online and totally misinterpreted it… they “blacklisted me” and I couldn’t get a job anywhere in the Advertising world after that. Interestingly, I had no idea that they blacklisted me until recently. Then it all made sense. From Jan - March I went on at least 8 job interviews and got nowhere. I would have applied for at least 40. Usually it would be really easy for me to get a job in my field. It always has been. But even my usual recruiters couldn’t find me anything. Eventually they just stopped calling me… In March 2019 I was ready to give up.

Then, by grace of the divine I happened to be online at the exact moment that Devayani Pandav was interviewing Laura Harding in this very group about her experience joining Masters of Magic (Lorna’s entry level program @ $200 p/month).

Laura’s exact words were:

“Masters of Magic was the best $200 I've ever spent.”

and she’d worked with SEVERAL coaches and got nowhere. There was something about this girl that was different to everyone else Dev or Lorna interviewed here. She was like me. She was Australian… I reached out to her to ask her more questions about her experience working with Lorna. I wanted to know about the Business Summoning Session.. I sent her a friend request and we realized we had a lot of mutual interests…. We were both avid fans of Dr. John Demartini, Jordan Peterson, Bruce Lipton & Joe Dispenza. We joked that we should be friends…….

About a week or two later (right after the worst job interview ever) I saw one of her posts on facebook about the darkest time in her life being when she had everything but wanted to destroy it. I commented on it, something like “HA, YEP.” And she replied immediately asking me if I was OK. Normally I wouldn’t just blurt out my life story to a relative stranger on the internet but I told Laura everything. My back was against the wall and I didn’t know what I was going to do. She helped me and convinced me to join Masters of Magic, which to anyone reading… is definitely to date, the best $200 I have ever spent online.


I watched the livestream “The Mechanics of Inspired Action” (only available in Masters) and all of a sudden I fucking understood how everything works. This was the missing piece in all Spiritual Teachings that had only gotten me 70% of the way. For me, this was the key and the map at the same time. Understanding these principles took me out my hell and it got me through to the next stage in my journey of awakening. I learnt the four pillars of consciousness and the basics of Shadow Alchemy using Lorna’s Fear + Power series, that comes as a free gift when you join Masters of Magic. This work CHANGED MY FUCKING LIFE.

I kept practicing and alchemising. Understanding more every day. All the missing pieces starting filling in.

My questions were finally answered.

Everything started making sense in the hurricane of chaos I created.

From JUST joining Masters ($200) and applying the principles from that one livestream, I manifested an all expenses paid trip to Thailand, staying in a villa. All meals cooked. Trip would have been worth at least $1,200. So that’s a 6x return immediately in the form of something light & fun.

Important to note that in March 2019 I was STUBBORN about letting go of ANY MONEY because I simply didn’t have it and I didn’t know how I was going to generate it. Note: my mindset was about “generating” back then. (Rather than where it is now, which is receiving 😉)

I was so stubborn about a tiny, teeny little $200. Luckily I met Laura that day. Maybe today I’ll be YOUR Laura and this might be the post that saves your life, in the way her video saved mine.

THEN, even though I still didn’t have the money I KNEW I had to do the Business Summoning ($2,000) and I put it on my credit card. That same night that I booked that, I also booked tickets to the Signature Temple Activation in Chicago ($350). I didn’t know how I was going to get there but I had ABSOLUTE KNOWING that everything would be OK. My overall state of fear, uncertainty & panic became calm and certain. I would be OK. Everything would somehow, be OK.

I could start to hear the voice of my intuition again and it guided me through the dark. It started sending me messages and I started channelling (after alchemising a TONNE OF SHADOW). I had no idea but during this time I became a POWERFUL PSYCHIC CHANNEL. I was able to start streaming my own business consciousness and also the voice of others'. I started streaming highly specific messages for one of my clients, one of my friends and myself. The level of detail and the specificity of these messages (to this date) has been insane. Doing Shadow Alchemy turned me into a full blown Psychic Channel.


What happened?

Lorna told me I’m not a Coach. Which I knew deep down but didn’t want to admit. Because I’m an Artist. (That’s another story).

The results after my summoning:

  • 3 Podcast interviews (when I had been trying to get on other peoples Podcasts for months…… )

  • One post that I wrote went VIRAL on the internet (over 600 likes and 200 comments)

  • I became INSTANTLY visible and MAGNETIC online

  • My engagement on Facebook DOUBLED

  • I wrote one single post (using the principles I learnt in Masters) without even having the intention of selling… because I’m not a coach anymore… I was just sharing because my intuition told me to and it told me exactly what to say. That ONE SINGLE POST had 11 prospects message me, asking me “do you do 1:1 coaching? How do I work with you? Are you still available?” I booked in 3 sales calls from that one post. It made me $8,500. It could have made me more but I was lazy and a bit in shock lol

  • Manifested an unexpected $10k cash gift

  • (Total $16.5k cash manifested after my summoning which is an 8x return)

  • Manifested creative projects and things my “logical brain” would never have thought of offering or considered doing, which meant I manifested 9 photoshoots IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, that completely paid for my flights to Signature Temple Event & my accommodation…

  • Manifested free accommodation in New York

  • Manifested free accommodation in Los Angeles

  • Manifested three men during this trip who wanted to pick me up, take me out and adorn me with lunches, dinners, drinks….

  • and I manifested a best friend in Laura

After the Signature Temple I had at least 5 huge epiphanies and breakthroughs about my relationship to my genius AND my relationship to money.


Well Friday night I celebrated paying off a $15k credit card. Meh. Actually no biggie because “debt” doesn’t have power over me now. Which is the paradox. The thing that would have given me so many feelings of “progress” in the past - now - is totally irrelevant. But nonetheless it was a fun excuse to go out and have whisky and cigars.

Now, my monthly forecasts for the next 3 months are estimating 5 figure months. These are estimates. It doesn’t really matter (because nothing really matters). Because in all of the above - yeah the magnetism is cool, the online presence and engagement is cool (people coming up to me on the street telling me they love my content is cool)…. The money is cool. The travels, adventures and lovers were DEFINITELY a highlight. And I'm just really excited and inspired by business again. Last night I could barely sleep because I had SO MANY ideas streaming through. Lots of exciting things up ahead...

For me, the thing that I REALLY got from joining Masters of Magic & doing the Business Summoning, was my fucking life back.

  • I shattered the illusions of the glass cage that held me.

  • I know who I am. No matter what.

  • I am unshakeable.

  • I have absolute KNOWING.

  • I can create whatever I want, whenever I want.

No one and nothing will ever have power over me, ever again.

A lot of you will already see and feel my presence so I don’t need to go into this too much. You get the gist. But perhaps you didn’t realize where I was in March, and how bad it was. You probably didn’t know just how deep my transformation lies.

I finally got all the answers I was looking for.

Lorna unlocked my Genius, Giant nature. And I’m never turning back.


Lorna, when I say “Yes” to you, magical things happen.
— Melissa West, Author, Master Coach, former John Maxwell Team Founding Partner and personal mentee of John Maxwell (From $84,000 a year to $64,655 in one month, and now a 1:1 client in my Million Dollar Accelerator Experience.)

+ Melissa West Case Study

Melissa is no stranger to hustle, high achievement and success. She was one of the five founding members of the John Maxwell Team and played an instrumental part in creating and delivering Maxwell’s curriculum to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. She’s spoken on stages of 2,000 and was personally mentored by John Maxwell. And during all those years, she was making more than a cool half million in income.

And yet.

She was delivering someone else’s genius and hustling like hell. She even took her eight-week old baby, along with her husband and mother-in-law for support, on her business trips and would have to slip out of meetings to breastfeed and pump. All while keeping up with the breakneck pace of the rest of the team, managing on just a few measly hours of sleep a night as a new mom.

When you have to sell your soul, even for half a million and year and the prestige of being in the inner circle with John Maxwell, at a certain point, it just isn’t enough.

So she went on her own and decided to open a coaching business.

And according to industry averages, she did well. Most coaches average around $50,000 a year. In 2018, she averaged $84,000.

But still.

$84,000?? That’s what she made in a month and a half with the John Maxwell Team.

And while she wasn’t working 80- or 90-hour weeks, and was able to reduce her hours during the day so she could be more available to her kids, she was still working forty-one hours, including most nights after the kids went to bed.

It was a grind, and for someone capable of huge impact and influence and used to a luxury lifestyle, being an above-average coach just wasn’t enough.

Then she found me and recognized something dramatically different in my approach from every other mentor out there.

In one month in my high-end coaching package, she reduced her weekly hours to thirty-three and sold $64,655 in business. That’s a 9x increase from the same month a year before, working fewer hours.

And not only that, but $51,000 of that was from only three sales, all of which were full pays, and which fell into her lap and were far easier to sell than her lower-end packages.

And, to top it off, one of those full-pay $17,000 sales finally broke her belief that people have to know, like and trust her for a long time first before they pay five figures to work with her, because that particular client met her at a conference and after two hours, paid her $17,000 for the privilege of being in her high-end coaching package. (This keeps happening to her, by the way. I just got off a call with her where she shared how she closed a $20,000 deal, with $15,000 in cash, on a call with someone she’d never spoken to before. And SHE got asked for the sale. This is what I mean by turning sales from a necessary evil into a spiritual experience. There’s little I love more than seeing someone turn on their sales genius.)

And she didn’t just 9x her revenue. she decreased her hours. I’m adamant about this with all my clients. Our goal is not just money. It’s magical money. It’s collapsing time, bending reality to our will (and our will is to have lots of free time AND lots of money). I aim to have my clients working 20 hours a week, and doing $100K+ months, because hustle is no longer necessary, and in fact it’s a detriment to the flow of genius. If you’re constantly hustling, you’ll only ever be working at the level of your gifts, not your genius, and you’re also doing the job of your magical masculine, whose sole purpose is to provide for you at idyllic levels, without you having to hustle. The masculine is the provider energy of the universe. He’s capable of magic, meaning delivering high revenue, high cash and high pleasure without all the hours spent in blood, sweat and tears getting there.

When you understand how to work with the raw material of the universe, you tap into the synchronistic grid of opportunity, collapse time and leap to “unimaginable” levels of success with ease.

Using an eclectic mix of metaphysics, energetic law, advanced sales, marketing and branding techniques, manifestation mastery and business scaling methods, my clients turn sales from a necessary evil into a spiritual experience and an expression of divine genius and power.
— Lorna J.

Nelle Georges

$11K booked from My first discovery call 

My last sale was in 2015, a $500 package of 6 sessions with extra bonuses, extra time, a stack of free products…

Since then I’ve also spent well over $50k on coaching, systems, websites, Virtual assistants (umm to assist me in what exactly?) perfection, perfection, perfection (yep, no action). 

6 weeks with Lorna and I’m a whole new entity. No website. No systems. No real idea what I’m doing except knowing it’ll be precision deposited in the right moment.

Thank you Lorna. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
— 3 weeks, $11K Nelle Georges

Who needs psychedelics? We have LORNA!!!!!!
— Anna Gaspari - Personal Growth/Self Mastery Coach at The Spiritual Grind

Over the years I have had numerous consultants help me understand how to grow my business from various perspectives.  But Lorna’s assistance has been the most cogent and targeted and helpful consulting I have ever received. 

If you want to double, triple, quadruple your earnings, and if you are willing to face your demons and your denial as well as discover your genius in order to exceed your dreams of success then I suggest you call her right now!
— Kay Anderson, CEO, The Evanston Group, a $25MM consulting firm

“There is no thing .... no year-long coaching certification training, no emotional cellular release work training, no certificate on my wall that comes even close to touching the power of this shadow alchemy work. And I’m brand new to it but know deep down its appearance in my life is no accident. If I knew then what, as a newbie I’m seeing and, sensing now (and how powerfully it’s informing my coaching on a whole new level) I’d not have focused on any ICF stuff. I’d have spent the money working with Lorna.
— Julie Vietch, Certified Career Coach

profile image1.png
You’re the only 7-figure coach I’d recommend.
— Alejandra Crisafulli, Master Coach (from $9,000/mo for 7 years to $60,000/mo in 5 months.)

+ Alejandra Case Study

Alejandra is an award-winning Master Coach who had worked with 1,500 clients over fifteen years and had spent upwards of $100,000 on courses, programs, certifications, and training, including studying with two industry-leading, multi-seven figure coaches. But no matter what she did or who she worked with, she was never able to break $109,000. After seven years of trying everything and being only further in debt, discouraged and losing hope, she was ready to throw in the towel and go work for her husband’s coffee company. Then she came across my work and decided in one last ditch effort to hire me.

In five months she sold $300,000, landed her first $25,000 client, and took her weekly hours from forty down to seventeen.

Alejandra is now creating a movement to teach millions of others about the new leading edge in business, which goes far beyond EQ, to SQ (Spiritual Intelligence), and is happily pursuing speaking engagements and working on her book.

She loves her husband’s company (and so do I. Best coffee on the planet. I’m a happy subscriber.) but she has no plans to abandon her dream to go work for Lofty Coffee. (But if you’d like to support a conscious, eco-friendly company that truly does carry the best coffee in the world, head over to

DEEP SUCCESS in any field (love, money, health) is always about striking the precise balance of a total paradox.

Because Magic is created from the perfect harmonious dissonance of the masculine AND feminine—two polar opposite energies—BOTH standing in their FULL POWER.
— Lorna J.


I can't tell you how much cash I've burnt through (multiple tens of thousands of dollars) with various coaches in the past 2 years. The single payment of $200 has given me more than all of the other coaches combined.

Laura Harding - Health & Relationship Coach
on Masters of Magic

— Morgan Mix, CEO, Aspire Consulting, a seven-figure behavior analysis consulting firm (from 5 clients a year to 3 clients in 12 weeks and projected revenue of $1.5MM)

+ Praise For Lorna

My time with Lorna has been life changing. As an established business owner, I approached Lorna to get my business to a place that could sustain the growing demand facing my industry.

She helped me identify areas ripe for delegation and what within my business was my true gift and purpose. By focusing my efforts appropriately, I was able to begin working my business with intent, instead of chasing down issues as they found me. Lorna's style of direct execution coaching was exactly what I needed to push my stagnant small business into the grown up business world. She placed extensive attention to understanding every detail of my business and how everything fit together to provide a macro perspective of things that someone bogged down in the day to day would have missed. Her commitment to excellence and detail is unparalleled and I look forward to working with her again as I enter the next phase of expansion and (eventual) world domination.

+ Morgan Mix Case Study

Morgan came to me because, like many seven-figure business owners, she was mired in the weeds in her business, unable to use her true genius as a leader and pioneer in the behavior analysis industry, but instead doing busywork and struggling with the pressures of a growing business. Together we re-architected her business, from process, people, hiring, recruitment, client acquisition, and role and responsibility clarity and delegation. Almost immediately after we began working together, the energy in her business shifted. I remember her telling me in our second session how baffled she was that amazing candidates were coming to her out of the blue, when traditionally she struggled for months to find one decent candidate for her highly specialized talent needs.

This didn’t surprise me at all. Our businesses are alive, intelligent and conscious, and when we start to cooperate with them, and take our genius and leadership seriously, our businesses agree to cooperate with us, and open up their channels of revenue, talent, inventiveness and energy, which makes everything flow much more easily.

And in just three months, Morgan had signed three clients, for a projected revenue of $1,5MM, when typically it would take her seven months. Her business was running smoothly, she had successfully navigated a critical inflection point, and she was once again in her rightful role as leader, pioneer and visionary.

I love it when my peeps AGONIZE over how to find clients and then several show up “out of the blue.” And then I get to remind them of the precise science of manifestation they applied, without knowing it.

Magic is not a mystery. It’s spiritual science.
— Lorna J.

I have no words. Forever changed is an understatement. Lorna, I love you! Thank fucking GOD you rose to your calling.
— Colleen Morgan, CEO, Pure Alchemy (from $300 packages to $35,000 in 3 weeks)

+ Colleen Morgan Case Study

Colleen Morgan is a luminary in the deep consciousness and spiritual awakening world, having travelled around the country teaching a Light Modality she downloaded, and garnering respect from Master Teachers and students alike. She enjoyed years of success as a spiritual entrepreneur and then lost everything, including her career, health and mental acuity, as she went through a long Dark Night of the Soul. Nothing she did to overcome it managed to work, as it always had in the past when she encountered challenges. Her conscious kitchen, Pure Alchemy, was struggling financially, she was unable to access her prodigious spiritual genius and turn them into a business, and her health was dangerously faltering, suffering from chronic fatigue, hair loss and depression.

After a harrowing encounter with her own illness, where she believed she was going to die, she came across my work and something struck a chord and she hired me.

In three weeks, she had launched a new version of her spiritual business and gone from struggling to sell $300 programs to closing $35,000 in business and $16,600 in cash. In addition, in a total of six weeks she dropped 13 inches, reversed her hair loss and was freed from her chronic fatigue.

All I needed was just one tweak!
— Annie Sun, Public Figure and Serial Entrepreneur (from $1,000 months hustling 40 hours a week to $80,000 in five months, working part time)

Hooolyyyyy Fuuucckkkkk!!!!!!!! No words.
— Carmel Crinnion, Master Energy Healer, commenting on Lorna’s channeled transmissions

A huge fecking thank you to Lorna Johnson. I have had the craziest 2 weeks in my life and business. This programme has truly transformed my life and I thank you!
— Tina Herring, Coach (From $2,555 average sale to selling her first five-figure package, 4xing her monthly income and selling a total of $17,000 in just two weeks)

I’m working smarter, fewer hours, and yet making much bigger and bolder impact. My confidence is sky high. I don’t even recognize myself.
— Angelisa Almanzar, Love Coach (from $1.5k months to $23,000 months in 10 weeks.)

What you do is magical.
— Amanda Carmer Cromer, CEO, Dangerous Woman and former fashion industry and publishing executive (from sporadic five-figure months and severe mental stress to $70,000 in four sessions, $200,000 in four months, a $130,000 day and complete mental and emotional relief.)

A deep bow of gratitude to Lorna Johnson, who has such incredible courage and commitment to de-construct, de-clutter and disrupt all the old patterns that don’t serve any of us.
— Miriam Schuman

+ Praise For Lorna

You are a beacon of light and hope for me, my sisters and for the world, Lorna.

If you're looking for the most empowered feminine coach on the planet, the one who has the capacity to shoot you out of your stuck rocket launch, into the space of full and complete liberation from all that binds you, she's your master!

Be prepared to make the greatest commitment and investment you ever considered. Working with Lorna Johnson will be nothing short of a full-scale cleansing of all the dust and webs that have boxed in your soul.

If you're ready, you'll know that the price she charges is a pennies in the bucket from the ROI you'll receive--on all levels.

Not for the meek or those seeking incremental change. Lorna Johnson is EXCLUSIVELY about what she calls The Quantum Boom!

The coach of coaches.
— Eva Watkins Piko


From discounting and caving to objections to $16,000 in two weeks (or why five minutes of my coaching is worth $6,000)

April Gregory runs a high-end marketing consulting business and is no stranger to selling $10,000 packages. What she IS a stranger to is:

  • selling 1:1 coaching (where she just gets to stream her genius on her calls and change people’s lives)

  • knowing how to overcome sophisticated objections

  • getting payment on the call, and

  • not discounting those $10,000 packages.

+ April Gregory Case Study

But that $16,000? That represented a complete 180 in all of these areas:

$6,000 of that was for a 1:1 coaching package, which she hadn’t sold in THREE YEARS (and which she booked after just 5 minutes of my coaching)

And not only that, but it happened “out of the blue” (“She dropped in my heart, I reached out to her and she was available for a call.”) AND, the prospect gave April an objection that normally would have stymied her. But not this time. Not with the way I teach Sales Mastery and Consciousness DeProgramming.

And instead of discounting that $10,000 package by 50% (because the prospect was a nonprofit), she kept her price and got PAID a 50% deposit.

For a total of $16,000 booked and $6,000 CASH in TWO weeks.

Let's just recap so you can see how much things have shifted for her in that short amount of time, and what it WOULD have been like, had she not committed to upping her sales game.

The $6,000 sale wouldn't have happened, because it came with an objection she would have caved to before.

The $10,000 she would have discounted to $5,000 because it was a nonprofit and she would have caved to their stories of financial difficulty.

But instead of DISCOUNTING 50%, she decided to BANK 50%. Because financial difficulty is an illusion, and it's not doing her client any good to jump in that swampy boat with them, and because she's a GENIUS at what she does and requires she be paid accordingly. AND because she knows if they'd have walked away, she'd have gotten another client who'd have gladly paid her what she requires, because when you realize YOU are the source of cash, you don't discount your genius for any one. ;)

I’ve searched my whole life and could never find anything that I could connect with at a deeper level. Everything you talk about is what I have been looking for. I just love your work!
— Mary Ann Hoebelheinrich

From hating sales to doing $8,000 in two days, closing 4 out of 5 calls, and being worried she’s SO good that she’ll end up with too much business
— Shaney Marie Lioness

+ Shaney Marie Lioness Case Study

All this from just one session with me.

And the only reason she didn't close that fifth call?

It was a definite “Yes” from the prospect, but HE wasn't up to HER standards.

So she walked way. Of course. Because in my UnTribe, we don't compromise our standards for nothin'.

Shaney had been struggling FOR YEARS to make what she knows she's worth and had a MAJOR AVERSION TO SALES -- as in, VISIBLY SQUIRMING on our first coaching call.

And to go from that to being a Sales Rockstar in a matter of days? Completely took her by surprise.

Not me.

And of course we’re upgrading her instantly using my secret approach to quantum business growth that will have her able to continue posting crazy high months AND not getting burned out from working too hard.

Because I've found a way to change people's lives, make crazy money and work 20 hours a week.

And that's what I want for her (and you). (And incidentally, so does your Magic Man ;) )

Your work is extremely powerful, in other words!! Seriously. Sets it apart from MANY other ways of thinking, even in the spiritual realms.
— Nat Sookee

Out of the blue I’m going to bed with $110k less debt than I started with this morning.
— Stacy Schadel

Caryn Terres1.png
I just binge watched 4 hours of the YouTube video PLUS today’s live on Lorna’s personal page. I have never had so many “holy shit” moments in such a short time. Seriously excuse me while I clean my brains off the walls hahahahaa.

— Caryn Terres

Rebecca Ives Rubin1.png
OMG Lorna.

I feel like these missing pieces in my grid are filling in with each and every livestream of yours I listen to (I binged on your content last night and was up until like 3am lol)

But seriously... have this potency, energetic precision, and ability to articulate what has previously felt like a foggy feeling into a crystal clear TRUTH in a way I literally haven’t seen before.

B R I L L I A N C E.
— Rebecca Ives Rubin

Loving the first part of the sales class, even the welcome message was epic! If you haven’t signed up, I reccomend it! I could feel the excitement brewing within me as I tossed all my old boring shit out the window! Lorna is amazing, she was right! I developed my first class... had customers lined up but I wasn’t sold myself! It wasnt laced with my deliciousness! It was BORING as fuck material. I’m about to spice things up!!
— Adsila Lune

So much, so much, so much, so much, so much goodie goods from Lorna in the Sales Masters. JOIN! You have NOTHING to lose but conditioning that does not serve you.
— Lisa Erickson

Sales Mastermind is insanely ahhmAzing. The access to the astoundingly powerful teachings all ready and waiting for you on signing up, alone are worth the first month’s fee. I would guess that most initial questions and struggles people currently have will be answered or at least appeased from these teachings. It encourages a state of action rather than reaction. The energy is high and motivating. AND the ability to ask LORNA specific questions directly in the FBG and receive timely, non judgmental, no BS, direct answers is phenomenally valuable. **and this is before the coaching calls even begin**.
— S. Devine.