Welcome to The Dark Secret: Limited Raw


This is not a book. It is a portal into the Dark.

In it you will find riches. Repleteness. Living transmissions of the most potent potions of consciousness.

And reading it activates your Genius Codes.

Someone read it recently and was instantly flooded with a super-stream of inspired downloads.

Her channelled insights got supernally more brilliant;

Her marketing and branding, which was already INSANELY GOOD, leapt to a whole new level of magic (as in ... her social media feeds were ON FIRE and people kept commenting on her posts saying she was EXCEPTIONALLY rock-starring it that week);

Her course sold out;

And her business nearly TRIPLED what it normally does in a month.

(And she got sick...😬)

She was texting me at 3am going “WTFF?! What the HELL are your words doing to me??” (I paraphrase.)

You are a living, breathing spell and your book is an aspect of that. When I step into your field it’s like plugging into an electric socket. You’re like a force field of energy.
— Rebecca Ives Rubin

This book is a living, breathing field of consciousness. A spell of awakening. A grid of electric activation.

And this Limited Edition version is raw. It is before a true rough draft. There are patches that are polished and patches that are not at all.

I am offering this version only to those attending the very first SIGNATURE TEMPLE ACTIVATION event on June 15, 2019. Each copy will be signed by me.