Excellent, You’re finally here.


And now that you are, discover the mind-blowing mystery that no LOA guru wants you to know…you can manifest on demand.

Manifestation is the masculine giving the feminine back to herself. 

If you want to bring something into your experience, whether it’s a dream client, a book deal, a mansion, or a human being (a lover, a new friend, a talent agent, a fetus) what you’re essentially doing is creating your experience.

In other words, creating from nothing.

And if you want to do that with mastery, so you bring it into your experience exactly how and when you want—and know exactly what to do to restore your ability to create magic if things go awry (which just means you’ve gone unconscious for a split second, because that’s the only way anything ever goes awry) you have to know how to work with the two energies responsible for all creation. 

The feminine and the masculine.

This, my friends, is the missing link to Law of Attraction.

Not to the law itself, but to how it’s understood and being taught. (By everyone).

At the level of pure energetics, the masculine is pure masculine, all the way through. He has no “feminine side.” Same with the feminine. One is magnetic energy (feminine) and one is electric (masculine). They are closed systems (hence why the two genders are totally foreign to each other) that activate each other, creating magic (or misery, if you don’t know what you’re doing).

Manifestation happens when the masculine is called into service by the feminine to go on the great and original Hero’s journey and enter deep within her, unearth her own greatest treasures from within her own being, and lay them at her feet.

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