Master Bitch

Master Bitch

Master Bitch: How I close 95% of my deals and my clients leap from 10% to 80% close rates in days:

1. No objection gets by me

I see objections AS objections...most of you aren’t doing this and keep getting fooled by what sounds totally reasonable but is total bullshit.

2. I know exactly what to say

I know how each objection is disarmed, with a precision that makes prospects think I’m psychic. I am, but it’s not my psychic skills I’m drawing on.

3. I have the balls to say it

I have mastered the energetics of my own internal objector so it doesn’t cripple my authority on the call.

#1 just takes knowledge. Master how objections sound and this one is done.

#2 is accomplished as you master #1.

#3 takes no time but is a bitch.

Master Bitch. It’s how sales are done 😉

And I’m feeling the itch to teach many more how to do this. So stay tuned for my announcement of a MasterClass on Closing happening soon.

Go from miserable to masterful in sales and TRIPLE your close rate in three hours.

20 seats available. $500. Wednesday, 3/13, 11-2pmCST.

You know where to find me. 😎💰💪🏻

And if you don’t, email me at and we’ll send you details!

Lorna J