Officially a Forbes Coaches Council Member.

Lorna J Selfie

Pretty cool.

Thank you to Rebecca Ives Rubin for the idea and Brenda Gabriel for making it happen.

And, here’s the thing:

It’s also like, “eh.”

Not about the work gone in to helping me achieve this (because I’m super grateful for that 😁).

because I know the true root of success, and it’s not....

accolades or publicity or being accepted into the IN crowd or having 10,000 followers on IG or lots of letters after my name (all of which I truly believed was the source of success for many years).

In fact, I was ambivalent about applying for the Forbes Coaches Council because my mission is to be an example of how you can break every single rule for how it “has” to be done, and to leave no doubt about that in people’s minds.

Success comes from you, not to you from the outside. It’s all about what you’re an energetic match for.

As I was building my businesses — both in corporate America and here — I saw something entrepreneurs did over and over that I was so glad I was immune to:

I call it being a publicity and accolade whore.

I remember being shocked at getting on calls with prospects who looked for all the world like the picture of soaring success to the outside — a myriad of “as seen on’s” peppering their website, regular contributor to Huffington Post (back when it didn’t suck), featured in INC. Magazine, tons of pictures of them speaking in front of thousands as an award-winning keynote speaker, sharing the stage with luminaries like Marianne Williamson and Jack Canfield, on big time podcasts, founding companies with globally renowned business leaders, on this elite panel and that exclusive council, having been told by A-list celebrities that their insights and gifts were extraordinary

and yet...

Behind the scenes?

Do you know what they ALL had in common which was the reason they were seeking ME out? (I, with no visibility, no publicity, no reach and who’d hardly been in business but a few months).

They couldn’t sell.

(And worse - what they were trying to sell was an impoverished expression of their genius and should have cost three and four times what they were charging.)

And so many of them were trying to get around this affliction of not being able to sell with funnels. Selling low ticket packages to the masses.

Which also wasn’t working, though they couldn’t understand why.

It was plain as day to me.

And in corporate America, it amounted to the same thing. Companies running after elite badges they could put on their website and memberships in elite organizations it cost thousands of dollars to join, because they really believed the fallacy that

visibility and credibility in the market close deals.

It does not.

Know how I know?

Because I won the business and they didn’t.

And that also goes for my other competition, the multimillion dollar global behemoths like IBM and PriceWaterHouse Coopers who had the strength of a household name behind them (while we were a complete unknown), millions in advertising (while we did none), and a reputation as the best in the industry (while we were so unknown, we didn’t have a reputation.).

And yet the Chief Information Officers of Harley Davidson and United Airlines and many other Fortune 500 companies took my calls and signed deals with me.

How the...?

WHAT the.

It’s because I know how to capture attention and close deals. And it has nothing to do with whether I’m a member of Forbes Coaches Council or not.

What visibility and publicity is great for, and why I’m focusing on it now, is as a platform for your message. My mission is to get the message about the new consciousness, the death of new age spirituality, neurodivergence as the bridge to awakening, and the truth of our nature as genius giants out to as many as possible.

But I’m under no illusions that it will equal more cash in my bank.

That’s always going to be because I have mastered the game of sales, which is all about knowing how to capture someone’s attention and close them, even in a crowded market with players hundreds of times my size, with more longevity and visibility and a recognized name.

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Lorna J