Gold Minds, Caves of Genius and Business Alchemy

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Gold Minds, Caves of Genius and Business Alchemy: The Inversed Posture of Success for DarkWorker CEOs (or, DarkWorker CEOs: You’re IN for A Real Awakening)

In LightWorker businesses, the CEO is the Sovereign energy, decreeing from on high and delegating delivery to the people (the masses, the armies). This is because in the Light, the creative energy (hidden in the earth) is divorced from the Sun. The Sun/Sovereign reigns from a distant vantage point, from which he surveys and sees the great vision, and extends this vision to the people, who receive the Light of the Vision, are opened to new sight, activated into agency and step into their roles as delivery agents of the vision. The CEO is most effective as the distant Sun and visionary, which is why business experts are constantly advising him to work ON the business, not IN it.

If the CEO descends into the business, the Light of the business goes out, the vision fades, the workers go blind and still and the animating force and binding agent of the company cannot operate. The business will eventually die.

Darkworker CEOs, however, must do the exact opposite. And yet, they are likely attempting to raise themselves up and our, Trained as they are on the Light Grid and having heard for years that their role and proper place is in the high seat of the Sun, the over-lord, the extended visionary.

But if they attempt to run their business with efficiency and scalability according to this model, they will in fact grind it into dust.

This is because the primary archetype of the Darkworker CEO is not the Sovereign, but the Alchemist, whose place is DEEP WITHIN the business, in its bowels, in its bones, attending to its utter stillpoint of creation with a luminary devotion to the next emergent genius that is forming itself out of the codes of individual chaos that express its unique, enchanting and magical spirit.

In this reversal of fortune, the DarkWorker CEO will find not only the deepest fulfillment as the creative heart of the business but will also discover that his true role is to create the heart over and over, from a position of intense scrutiny and intimacy with chaos, with divine madness, with the Dark Divine in its individual expression through his own Entrepreneurial Spirit.

The DarkWorker CEO is the Gold Mind of the business, meant to descend deep into its dark heart of gold and mine the treasures to be found there. There is no one else who can do this work, for he is the only one who carries the codes of life, which do not emerge all at once, as a grand vision to be carried out in clear steps, but rather blindly, out of order—for in a Dark Business, dis-order is the higher order. To have allegiance to the grand vision and to expect to align the business to it, is death.

Instead, like Ezekiel in the valley of bones, the DarkWorker CEO is meant to cast spells of awakening over the still bones of the business and with no concern for orderliness, meaning, arrangement, or cohesiveness, raise up one by one the armies of genius from their slumber.

And as they wake, he is to send them up into the Light, carefully snaking through the labyrinthine path of creative thought and collaboration, which is nothing other than the gridless and chaotic surrender of genius, under the blind gaze of the Alchemist and the watchful hands of the CEO’s team, to the First Experience of Form: the labyrinth. Not a grid and not a formlessness, but the liminal and enchanted space in which Dark becomes Light.