It’s time.

Time to decondition your mind,

unzip from your adopted Self,

step out of your narrowly defined skin

knit together with fear, anxiety, and lifetimes of invisible conditioning,

unlock your spiritual superpowers and

build your empire.

These are the keys, the tools, this is the magic that will set you free.


My mentors [Lorna and Colleen] are gnarly and intense as fuck. Not some Goddesses in Bali living a laptop way!!
— Zoe Campbell
I was going to wait to join, however after talking to Lorna, she helped me see why waiting was just me “practicing waiting” to step into my genius. I joined and made my FULL INVESTMENT back in less than one week!! I couldn’t believe it!! Best.Investment.Ever!
— Melissa West
I’m so grateful for Lorna Johnson, Colleen Morgan, and all of you ladies in this group for this is the most powerful container I’ve ever been in and I’ve been apart of a lot of fucking groups for coaching.
— Valerie Luckett
Lorna Johnson is a god. I recommend all of her work.
— Errity Green


This was recorded in early 2018, but it’s as relevant as ever, so I continue to include it. This is a requirement to watch. No skipping! I tell my story of riches to rags to riches, explain my basic spiritual approach to building a unique-to-you business and explain the origins of UnSchool.

Time Requirement: 13 minutes, 28 seconds

I thank God/Universe/Spiritual EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY I FOUND YOU. Joining UnSchool was the absolute BEST decision of my life. I doubled my rates after our first 1:1 call and booked $22,500 ($4500 cash) since starting UnSchool!!!
— Carly Cloer
Holy amazing! The content in this course is mind blowing and done so thoughtfully! As in, Lorna put heaploads of actual thought into this program. It’s not just ‘do what I do.’ It’s ‘create yourself.’ Well done!!! I’m in total awe!
— Susan Bolger


Time Requirement: 48 minutes, 14 seconds


It's long -- 45 minutes -- and that's purposeful. We want you to be fully warned -- I mean, informed ;) -- about what it takes to make it in the UnSchool, and what we specifically look for in an applicant. We know exactly what it takes to create quantum shifts in your business and life, so that you, too, can 10X your business in a matter of weeks (see the testimonial bask below for the host of incredible success stories), and at this point in human consciousness, not everyone is willing to have what it takes to drop their 3D limitations and lift into 5D flight.

NOTE: The interview process will refer to this video, so it will be real clear to us if you haven't watched it ;)

I am telling you this is so wonderful! Everything Lorna shares is so true! I had given up on getting more coaching because no matter what “guru” swore they could help me break my $100k a year one could! It is truly magic and I have never felt more like a wizard as I do right now. Amazing! Here is to unwavering belief in myself no matter what.
— Alejandra Crisafulli
Lorna curates and maintains high standards in herself and her programs and expects them from her clients. So I knew the [UnSchool] retreat would be amazing. However it surpassed my brain’s expectations by a long way. The level of delivery of training, catering, location and accommodation, coupled with world class master leaders and participants totally on their game has taken me to a new level by just showing up. It’s the difference between flying first class with all the extras and basic economy.
— Claire Bagehot
I used to shake on sales calls and I closed over $30k in the first 3 months of UnSchool. All of my sales have ended in full pay, too. And I’m going on new dates with better men and at the end of the date, THEY now reach for the check.
— Kelly Lunt (went on to average $12K months and decrease her hours from 40hr/weeks to less than 20.)

"Need" more information? ;) Keep going.


4 months


4-hour Commencement Day Program [$2,500 value]

30-minute, 1:1 Genius + Strategy Session with Lorna to craft your genius into a package and channel your market [$1500 value]

16, 90-minute recorded MasterClass Lectures on Sales, Marketing + Business Acceleration [$6,000 value]

5D Business and Wealth Grid Activation with Colleen Morgan [$1,500 value]

2-hour Sales Clinic laser group coaching with Lorna, with guaranteed 1:1 time every session (2x/month) [$6,000 value]

Live Sales Training: 60-minute MasterClass on Sales, Marketing and Business Acceleration with Lorna, tailored to this group’s unique challenges and needs (1x/month) [$3,000 value]

Dark Salon: 90-minute Dark Channeling Transmission with Colleen + Lorna (1x/month) [$6,000 value]

15-minute weekly 1:1s with Colleen Morgan (3x/month) [$2,800 value]

Luxury Castle Retreat: 4-day Retreat with Colleen + Lorna (4/18/19 - 4/21/19) [$7500 value]

Private Facebook Group (very high availability and support from Lorna and Colleen)

The Vault [$2,500 value]

(The Vault contains 17+ hours of powerful training on spiritual sales, energetic marketing and branding, intuition, and feminine and masculine mastery for business success)

5-Day Fear + Power Audio Series [$1,500 value]

Total value: $40,800



Payment Options

$15,000 Full Pay

$6,000 down payment; $4,000/month for 3 months

I’m massively proud to say that I successfully signed the coach that, until I met Lorna, I was planning on hiring. She’s a woman I look up to and she said that I made her more uncomfortable than anyone she’s worked with has. I never would have been able to entertain the idea of pitching this woman let alone closing her!
— Madeline Morton
I’m working smarter, less hours over all, and yet making much bigger and bolder impact and loving on my clients SOOOOO much. And my confidence is sky high. I don’t even recognize myself. This is the Truth. GET ON THIS IF YOU ARE ON THE FENCE.
— Angelisa Almanzar (went from $1.5k months to averaging $23k/month in 10 weeks)


Time Requirement: 43 minutes, 54 seconds

If you already know you want to apply, simply do so here.


[Update: As a result of UnSchool and working with Lorna 1:1, Alejandra has done just shy of $250,000 in 6 months, almost doubling her yearly revenue of $130,000 that she was stuck at for six years no matter what high-end programs or guru coaches she hired, AND going from 40-hour weeks to 17-hour weeks.]


I'm so proud of the Unschoolers. Together we have done $426,023 in booked business, taken in $197,335.50 in CASH, and achieved an overall success rate of 72%. Most group programs struggle to reach 50% success. But we're no regular group program. We're a bunch of crazy genius record-breaking Aliens ;)  Following are just a few examples of the incredible success the UnSchoolers have seen.


$4,000 IN TWO DAYS.

Within two days of her Discovery Call, Debora Luzi booked a $4000 sale and banked $700 cash, for her highest sale ever and her first time taking CASH ON THE CALL, after not having made a sale in two months. She then went on to increase her monthly income 700% in December (you know, the month when no one has any money and no one is buying anything ;) ).



“Coming from a ‘girl’ who didn’t understand sales, shook on calls, thought ‘Who would pay me more that $300 for what I do?’ to becoming a woman who starts packages at $6,000 now and closes with ease,” Kelly Lunt increased her income 360%, and in less than three months closed over $30K. Not only that, but one of HER clients booked $35,000.



After her first call, Carly Cloer doubled her rates and activated massive transformations with her own clients. "After dating complete shallow losers [one client] attracted the love of her life and they are now living together, another went from $60K to $100K in 2 months (+66%!), and another is in negotiation with 2 separate offers to buy his company (his dream come true!). "Lorna, I thank God/Universe/Spiritual EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY I FOUND YOU. Joining UnSchool was the absolute BEST decision of my life."


"I'm totally not a salesperson and I went from $1K months to $35,000 booked and $16,600 cash in 3 weeks!!! Total gamechanger. And about the retreat, I have no words. Forever changed is an understatement. And these people!!! These fucking incredible badass people have now become of my favorite in all the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hearts and souls. Lorna I love you!"

download (1).png


Madeline Rose sold $18,500 in the last quarter of 2017, nearly doubling her sales each of those months and selling her first five figure package in December (when no one is buying, ;) ). Madeline has only been in business since May, just started selling in October, and also managed to close a coach she was thinking of HIRING just six weeks prior, who'd been working with one of the biggest and well-known coaches in the industry and who told Madeline she’s never been more challenged or had her mind opened more powerfully by any coach other than her. And, after their discovery call, she raised her rates by 60%!

Psssst - STILL wondering if this is a fit for you? (in other words wow. Your saboteur is REALLY got a grip on your decision-making and you REALLY do need UnSchool so you can be conditioned from your rational mind and allow your INTUITION to guide you, which already KNOWS this is the right decision and does not NEED to sift through every nuance of every question and every detail first. Which is what we do in the UnSchool, you see so the fact that you HAVE more questions you truly believe you NEED to answer first is exactly the PROOF that you need UnSchool. So really, I shouldn’t answer those pesky, unnecessary questions. Because that’s feeding the part of you that we need to DEPROGRAM the fuck out of. But I will answer them, because…well, because MY intuition is telling me to. And I don’t question her. Ever. ;) )


Q: Would UnSchool be a good fit for someone who's just starting out in business? Or is it a better fit for an established business?

A: I created this program as the DREAM program for people just starting out and the one I desperately wish I'd had access to when I was just starting out. If you are an "in the box" kind of thinker and funnels, typical launch strategies (5-part video series, email drip campaigns, fb ads, etc) don't bother you, and you have a good sense of what your genius is, then Dark UnSchool isn't for you. This is for disruptors, iconoclasts and spiritual rebels who NEVER do well inside of typical programs or institutions (because HELLO, they're here to blow those UP so how could the possible do well INSIDE them?!) and who would be MUCH better served starting OUT their business without all that conditioning and programming (that we then have to just clear out anyway once they realize how much time and money they've wasted trying to make it inside those containers). AND, this is also amazing for people who have been in business a long time (like Melissa and Alejandra) but who have never been able to crack the code on their genius and true success for the same reasons - they've been trying to follow a vanilla, tried-and-true approach that just doesn't work for them.

Q: Do you help us see our gifts and help with putting packages together?

A: Hells yes. This is what we will do in our 30-minute 1:1 session. You get 30 minutes with me (equivalent to 3-5 hours with another coach, so like a mini-Intensive) to craft your genius and your gifts into the package that you will sell in the Dark UnSchool. I will channel your market consciousness and help you see into their hearts and minds so you know how to capture their attention and lock in their enchantment with you. This time together allows me to guide and mentor you expertly and swiftly during our 5 minute 1:1s in the Sales Clinic calls, because we’ve had an opportunity to craft your business model together and I will know intimately what your core struggles, gifts and genius is and how to shift them each session so you have rapid awakening and success.

Q: I need serious help closing sales. Do you help with that?

A: Absofuckinglutely. My close rate is 95.5%. My clients have crazy high close rates also. This is one of my superpowers and one of the things that thrills me the most to see shift in my clients. When you can close most of your sales calls, you can work WAY LESS. This is one of the main reasons why I’ve been able to do over $1.5MM in 18 months working an average of only 20 hours a week. Think of all the sales calls I DON’T have to do every week, because my close rate is so high! This can be true for you also. All you need to is to be armed with some key tools and some significant energetic shifts. This is delivered all throughout the program — in the existing UnSchool curriculum (the 16 modules you get), and in my direct sales coaching and training. It’s one of the reasons my clients FALL IN LOVE with selling ;)

Q: Ok, this is great, making all this money. But what about my TIME? Am I going to have to work more??

A: You will likely be required to work LESS.